Albany Med EMS Lecture Series Access

How to Get There:

Click this link to access the Sakai site: 26b8b2812c87

Returning Users:

Click the "I Already Have a Login" button where you will be prompted to login. Your username is your full email address. Once logged in you will gain access to the EMS Lecture Series site homepage.

If you forgot your password, return to the Sakai homepage at: and use the Guest Users password reset link on the far left of the homepage. An email will be sent to your account to rest your password. Return to the link above and login.

New Users:

1. Select "I need to register!"

2. Fill out the required information and verify the security prompt. Click Register.

3. A successful registration will result in this page. Click the Continue to Site link. Login with your full email address as the username and the password you just created.

NOTE: If you already had an existing Sakai account and used this process, you will see the following message to reset your password and login. You must follow these steps.

4. You will now have access to the Albany Med EMS Lecture Series Site.

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